Prospective Members

While many have begun to view Greek life as an ancillary part of today’s college experience, that is not the case at Stevens, where more than 33% of the student body joins either a fraternity or sorority. College is a time when independence is fostered and students are exposed to new ideals and experiences. Often times, however, students are thrust into this new environment without a local, active support system and a place to call home. The academic rigors at Stevens coupled with this new environment may contribute to students feeling alone and out of place during such a big change in their life. Theta Xi, specifically, endeavors to provide all students, not just its members, with a welcoming home environment; a place that will remind students of the vast support they received in their respective homes. Beyond a support system, Theta Xi provides a Brotherhood – a large network across the country, tied together by their principles, which can provide resources and experience for any circumstance. These guiding principles create Bonds that last a lifetime and benefit any man who seeks to be a part of our organization.

Features of the Chapter House

The chapter house is a critical part of fostering a sense of family and Brotherhood. At the Gamma Chapter of Theta Xi, the following amenities are provided:

  • Professional chef with a complete meal plan
  • Newly refurbished pool table
  • An antique piano
  • A hot tub with room for 4 people
  • A ping-pong table
  • Two washer and two dryers
  • A 60” HD LCD TV
  • 4 floors, 12 bedrooms, and 24 occupancies

Additionally, our house is located directly across from the 8th street parking lot, making it close to parking and a 5 minute walk from classrooms, ideal for those cold, windy Hoboken winters. We are also host to one of the safest blocks in all of Hoboken as campus police have an observation post at the end of our street.

Benefits of Greek Life

In addition to providing a college-home environment and support system, Greek life provides students and members with the following benefits:

  • A venue to showcase leadership skills as a member of the chapter executive committee
  • Valuable experience for resumes such as philanthropy, event planning, and interpersonal skills
  • A network of alumni that can provide resume and career advice, internship opportunities, and job opportunities
  • Access to older students that can provide help with classes and program selection
  • The chance to create memorable college experience by attending, planning, and organizing diverse events with an eclectic group of students from around the country