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TXAS Regular Meeting Minutes May 2022

16 June 2022
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G1218Scott 1408Brian smithMatt destefanoJake burdge
Cam clausJamis PerrottaSean strauss

Start: 7:43 pm


President: convention in august. Need to figure out which actives are going. National met w/ the house and some brothers were suspended and other sanctions put on the House. Letter was read in the meeting. 

VP : alumni bbq. Chef Brian said that we would work the alumni bbq and bring an assistant to help clean up and would charge $250. The budget for the Alumni BBQ is noted as $250, which is what the food cost at the last BBQ. I’ll reach out to Stevens on when/how we can access the House. There is no House cooler for porch beers. Will discuss the Canoe Trip next meeting. 

Treasurer: not present, no report


My report:

Email project- 

1. Identified the data pull we need from current email system to proceed with the migration

2. Google announced a change of plans which may make this migration unnecessary, need to review it in more detail

Chapter advisor: If anyone wants to talk about the recent actions from National, feel free to reach out to talk to Andy about it. 

Account exec: not here, no report

Active President – Had an EC meeting today outcome is that an the active members will be emailed regarding sanctions; everyone must do diversity/equity training by September. EC had decided that everyone needs to sign the TX risk management policy from national, and social rights will be taken away until everyone reviews and signs them. Housing lottery will be done next week w/o the dis-associated Brothers who may/will be appealing. President/VP- wants to be up to vote, even though he could keep his appointment and install a VP of his choosing. Will do a virtual election for president. 

National Convention 4-7th of august. Looking to see how many brothers can go with the current budget and want to have a good showing since we didn’t have much for President’s Academy. If there’s a shortfall between number of Brothers who want to go and the budget, the Alumni Association or individual Alumni can look to bridge that gap. Want a number of motivated Brothers to go and get jazzed up!

Active treasurer: Not here, no report

Active houseman: Not here, no report

No old business: none 

New business: 

Andy: Motion to increase current Alumni BBQ budget from $250  want to increase to, but not to exceed $500
Sean S:  2nds, Passes


Sean: congrats to Brian S. on being Interim president. 

Motion to close: Pete B, Andy 2nd, passes