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TXAS Regular Meeting Minutes April 2022

1 June 2022
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Alumni Meeting Minutes: 4/27/2022


  • Γ1053 Sean Strauss
  • Γ1193 Chris Sensor
  • Γ1112 Andrew Cartaina
  • Γ1198 Derreck Fuschino
  • Γ1218 Peter Beneski
  • Γ1250 Brett Lipschultz
  • Γ1408 Scott Caratozzolo
  • Γ1421 Matthew DeStefano
  • Γ1428 Andrew Kaminsky
  • Γ1441 Bryce Streeper
  • Γ1450 Alex Asamussen 
  • Γ1455 Dennis Vink 

Start Time: 7:40

Previous Minutes read by Γ1408


President’s Report: (g1310) 

I signed up for convention in New Orleans, 4th thru 7th. I talked to Amy about what the registration entails for undergrads. $50 for first 2 delegates, includes rooms for myself. It’s around $500 to send any other undergrads. Have a few items for New Business regarding National’s Membership Review. Bryce has raised Gamma 150th Anniv event in 2 years, 150 years of sustained membership is a great highlight. There is a 6294 happy hour event on Friday

Vice President’s Report (g1218): 

Inquired with Bryce about cook situation, to consider options for alumni barbeque.
Canoe trip is coming up, turnout has been low last few years, question for the actives about interest.

Treasurer’s Report (1199): 

Given by 1250 – recommend canceling the insurance policy

Secretary’s Report (1198): 

  • Updated alumni officers on website, added minutes
  • Reached out to Andrew Kaminsky regarding the email aliases, want to confirm those are working properly
  • Email forwarding project – partnering with Matt Gray to identify brothers who we need email addresses for. Opportunity to get some out of touch brothers into the fold.

Chapter Advisor’s Report (1112): 

Undergrads held elections and installations last night. Looking forward to working with new EC. Next week is last meeting of the semester.

Account Executive’s Report (1250): Looking for budget report from Actives. Goals are for continued work on reconciliation, then do budget vs actuals.

Committees: no reports

Active President (Bryce): 

  • Membership review process – most brothers spoke with 2 national reps, Emily & Allen. Only a few brothers were unavailable during the in-person window, and subsequently met via zoom. Process was smooth
  • Since last alumni meeting, we’ve had elections & installment. 
    • Vice President – Brian Smith
    • Secretary – Alex Asmussen
    • Recruitment – Vincent Grillo
    • Scholarship – Jake Burdge
    • House Man – Dennis Vink
  • Had housing lottery, only 2 open spots in the house. Blue room & Balcony are singles, every other double is a double.
  • Created a standards board, which is needed for All True Men status. Will consist of a group of brothers elected to hold ups standards. One member of each pledge class voted on by that pledge class. In place as of last night.
  • Last RM is 6 days from today, 5/3. Class end 5/4, finals end 5/5.
  • EC exploring chef options
  • After meeting with Ken Nilsen, want to show off the chapter and 150 years to the school, community, etc. Want to get as many brothers in attendance as possible and dedicate it to brothers who have done a lot to the fraternity. 
  • Optimistic for good attendance at 6294 call this Friday. 
  • I will gauge interest in canoe trip and get back to TXAS
  • Alumni weekend BBQ – Chef Brian timeline is TBD

Active Treasurer (Suraj): 

  • (given by Bryce) budget in progress, goal is to hold a budget meeting before next RM. Goal is to bring it up and table it at the last meeting of the year, vote at first meeting next semester. 
  • Reimbursed all brothers for Ball since it will not be held.
  • We have a new VP, so Suraj, Bryce, and Brian Smith (new VP) will be added as signatory for checks

Active Houseman (Dennis Vink 1455):

I’m the new houseman, jobs are being done well and people are doing a good job setting an example. New pledge class doing a great job and taking initiative. Want to email school with a few items before end of semester, including windows that need replacement, theres a leak in the kitchen, corrosion near work room. We built a garden behind the house. City of hoboken pays for compost, we bring it to Elysian Park. To date we have composted 230lb, over 55 gallons. We are tracking how much money and CO2 we are saving by composting this over just landfill. Been getting other greek orgs to compost, want to be the ambassadors for the school as well. Maintenance projects are creating and sustaining a new look for the house. Will email photos. We organized an Earth Day cleanup, cleaned up CPT, Elysian Park, we had hoboken residents helping too. Collected over 50lb of garbage.

Old Business

1250 Motion to untable actives shared storage, passes

Andrew Kaminsky: Researched solutions for digital storage solution, two main approaches to consider are main master account, or a service that allows accounts through that service. I have 4 options that are the best, with pricing and pros and cons. Most options have some storage minimum, around 200GB.

  1. Google Drive is an option, we currently use 86 GB. Expensive per user
  2. iDrive – $75 first year, $150 subsequent. Admin account can create unlimited accounts. Has backups.
  3. Keycloud – has a different pricing model – one time payment $175 for 500GB. Single Admin account that shares out to other accounts
  4. DigitalOcean – $5/mo, 250GB, requires us to build a front end

Γ1408 Motion to table, passes

New Business

1250 Motion to discuss stiped for Fall 2021 and Spring 2022, passes
1250 Motion to table stipend for Fall 2021 and Spring 2022, passes

1408 Motion to discuss Gamma 150 Anniversary Event

1250 – recommend creation of a committee with active representation. Who wants to head the committee?

Chris Sensor interested in helping out.

Scott Caratozzolo, Pete Beneski, Dennis Vink, Alex Asamussen, Chris Sensor 

1408 Motion to table Gamma 150 Anniversary Event, passes


G1245 wedding is May 7

G1243 having another kid

G1193 has a third child

1408 Motion to Close, passes

Closing time: 8:43