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TXAS Annual Meeting Minutes March 2022

21 April 2022
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Alumni Meeting Minutes: 3/23/2022

Attendance: Akash Sharma, Sean Molloy, Peter Beneski, Bryce Streeper, Suraj Shah, Andrew Cartania, Harley Graime, Matt Destefano, Scott Caratozzolo, Sean Strauss, Derreck Fuschino, Krish Verma, Matt Gray, Patrick, Brett Lipschultz, Drew, Colin Keady, Christopher Zickert, Joseph Guitan, Marco Landeo, Michael Malzemov, Vincent Lin, Mark, Patrick

Start Time: 7:33

Motion to accept minutes as read: passes Andrew Cartaina


President’s Report: (g1310) National Convention is happening in August. Thank you for a good year, house still in one piece.

Vice President’s Report g1218: Stevens is having an in person on campus alumni weekend this year on the first weekend in june. Would like to have an in person bbq on that weekend. Do we want to get the new cook to man the grill?

Treasurer’s Report(Matt Gray): Doing fine money-wise down 16,000 on the year but up 40,000 over the last few years

Secretary’s Report g1301: No report

Chapter Advisor’s Report (Andy): Andy cannot go to the national convention this year.

Undergraduates have received two separate disciplinary letters from the school. 

Account Executive’s Report(Brett): Suraj and Bryce learned quickbooks. There were concerns around collections which Suraj will address

Committees: no reports

Active President (Bryce): Mixer on the 11th with DPE was the event that broke probation (a week and a half before it ended) National rep is coming and will address the issue. Will work with TXAS to get back on track.

Brett: All brothers should attend risk management event

Active Treasurer (Suraj): Budget is looking good. We are under budget for food. Everyone has paid for fall semester and spring semester is due next week

Active Houseman (Chris Zickert): Haven’t been able to talk to Hunter about keg cooler. Window is being worked on. Ken Nilsen wants 1000$ to fix 5 spindles we need to figure that out. We are out of supplies and need more money to replace them. 

Brett: we can reallocate our budget or take some out of the brothers budget for supplies.

Old Business

(Andy) Take off the table email forwarding solution. 

Derreck- We should proceed 60$ per year plan on using ForwardMX


  • Single Domain Plan: 25 email forwarders, up to 500 emails per day – $24/year
  • Starter Plan: 800 email forwarders, up to 2,000 emails per day (current plan) – $60 per year
  • Pro Plan: 3,500 email forwarders, up to 4,000 emails per day – $99/year
  • Business Plan: 7,000 email forwarders, up to 10,000 emails per day – $179 per year

Usage expectations, from Aug10 2021 – Feb 6 2022 (181 days)

highest per day volume 6022

Average daily volume 1041

Days > 4000 – 2

Days >2000 – 12

Days >500 – 135

Andy-Motion to have Derreck move forward with this plan and report back 

-motion passes

Andy- Tabled discussion on actives shared storage

New Business

Expiring Trustees

Nominees for trustees…g1198 Derreck Fuschino, g1408 Scott Caratozollo, g1334 Richie LaGotto

Andy: Closed nominations

3 new Trustees named

Announcements: g1198 getting married next month. Next meeting we should look into making and email group on investing

Closing time: 8:40