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TXAS Regular Meeting January 2022

26 January 2022
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Minutes taken by G1112

Derrek 1198Pete 1218Andy 112Bryce streeper 
Brett 1251Harley GraimeRoy nicolosi  

Start: 7:40 pm

End: 8:25 pm

motion to dispense: me, akash passes

Pres: Not present, provided report via email:

  • Millenio was last weekend, great to see everyone who played! House seemed to be in good shape
  • Where do we stand on getting to keg cooler reconnected? Should be a priority for the pending tasks in the house. 
  • what’s the status of moving alumni meetings back to house? Should we consider this for next month if permitted?

VP : logged into website, can start updating and post alumni meeting minutes, learning the specifics

Treasurer: not present, no report

Secretary: no report, not present

Chapter advisor: School was virtual for first 2 weeks due to omicron, Presidents academy and Rising stars were also virtual.

Meeting with Ken, New Greek coordinator and Bryce to dicuss semester going forwards. Was very positive and Ken addressed concerns about Res life anc contractors entering house without prior notice

Account exec: Concerns about cook tax status.

Active Pres: in person classes start 1/31, RM in person on 2/1. Bid night 2/11. Chef is returning for this semester as a contractor

Active Treasurer – house budget will be voted on at RM

Active house man: House is clean, jobs start Monday

No old bus:

New bus: motion to discuss TX mail and domain issues 1251, 1112 (passes)

The G Suite legacy free edition will no longer be available beginning July 1, 2022. Contact your account team to discuss how to move to a Google Workspace subscription with limited time discount options.

If you take no action by May 1, 2022, Google will begin transitioning your organization seamlessly to a new Google Workspace subscription. The new subscription will be based on what you currently use with your G Suite legacy free edition.

Enter your billing information to avoid account suspension by July 1, 2022.

How is hosted:

  • DreamHost:
    • Static Assets: HTML, JS, PHP (WordPress)
    • Database: MySQL (for WordPress)
    • DNS Records for static content point to DreamHost.
  • Google G Suite
    • DNS MX Records (which allows IP’s to manage email for a domain)

DreamHost will handle MX Records (and serve email) for us for free (we pay about $120/year in web hosting).  This would be best served purely as an email forwarder though since the interface is terrible and storage limits are low (sub-1GB for email).  I don’t think we will find a competitive service to free gmail/stevens hosted email without the cost being very high, but it’s worth exploring alternatives even reviewing costs.

What we need:

  • Ways to manage logical groups of brothers and have a way to email them consistently.
    • Slack won’t work for older brothers who rely on email (and until recently physical mail).  Can slack fire off emails per-posting?  If so it might work
    • Ability for this to be administered by various brothers
    • Ability to group brothers by Actives, Alumni, Committees, EC, anything else
  • Consideration for other productivity tools that G Suite provided:
    • That could be group calendars, documents, etc
    • I think only actives use this so Slack could be an alternative in this space.

Committee to be formed:



Andrew Johnson 1426

Andrew Kaminski

Roy nicolosi

G1112 will schedule working session to dicuss with committee

Motion to close discussion 1112, 1251 (passes)

Trustees: 1112, 1198, 1218, 1251

Announce: Willard Wade III, G981  class of ‘71 passed

Next meeting Feb 16th, 7:30

Annual meeting Mar 23

Motion to close: g1112, 2nd Harley, passes