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TXAS Trustee Meeting Minutes March 2019

28 May 2019
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Trustee Meeting Minutes: 03/27/2019

Attendance: 1112, 1192 , 1199, 1250, 1310

Start : 7:59pm


Pres Report: Waiting on Nielson to update door.


VP Report: No Report


Treasurer Report: 2018 balance sheet submitted.

Secretary Report: no report

Chapter Advisor: House is still here. There is an ongoing saga involving trash and neighbors, may escalate to Nielson. House is doing well, Famils are coming along.

Account Exec: To be covered later



Active Pres: Beach party this weekend, planning a philanthropy event. Accreditation due this week for Stevens. The system has changed to require a presentation from the house to the accreditation board. GPA results were off due to alumni being included, finally got real GAP results. Woodward scholarship BBV next Tues. Work weekend April 13th, Philanthropy shifts may occur during WW. 10 candidates remain out of 11. Fall recruiting looks good. Lodge lost one year of recruiting for hazing issues, beta dry forever.


Active Treasurer: BVA submitted. Check from Stevens should arrive Friday. Escalated around Malcom. Due to billing issues with meals, a catch up meal plan was created. About $12,464 due , most want to pay, one being problematic, they are discussing options next week.

Active Houseman: 2nd deck head fixed. Front iron door fixed, as well as dutch window.

1112: we should bring back bigs at pinning.

Old Business: None

New Business: 1250:Treasurer Stipend

1112: pass

Account exec suggest $0


1112: Retreat funding

1250: 2nd’s passes

1112: suggests cap the budget at $3,500 with a detailed line item emailed out.

1199: motion to allocate $3000 from assessment

1310: passes

1394: Legalized Marijuana poses a question if occurs. Will still be banned from house properties.

1251 wedding 4/20

1297 wedding 3/24

1234.5 had baby


1250-: Motion to close 1199: second

Closed 10:59pm



1199: motion to keep 1198 1112: pass

1320: motion to elect 1334 1250: pass

1192: motion to keep 1310 1199: pass