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TXAS Regular Meeting Minutes April 2019

28 May 2019
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Alumni Meeting Minutes: 04/29/2019

Attendance: 1112, 1192 , 1199, 1250, 1315, 1218, 1273

Start : 7:41pm

1192: Motion to read previous meetings: passes

1192: Motion to accept minutes as read: passes

Pres Report: Emailed Nielson Friday, Follow up phone call this week regarding Door (hopefully done by alumni Weekend). Spoke to Nielson Regarding Accreditation, no issues expected. W event this Thursday (128 people expected).


VP Report: Surprised reelection! Canoe Trip July 12th -July 14th. Forgot how much, will follow up. June Almni BBQ , will follow up if supplies are coordinated (cooler). Wants to revamp Schnitzel, start mugbreaking and combine events perhaps (too far off to care too much).


Treasurer Report: Our accountant did not file tax form needed for past 2 years, needed to fax to Carl. Owe IRS $200. (990T) Checking Account ( dual signature w/

Secretary Report: Will update the website, meeting notes. Will work with Matt to set up Checking.

Chapter Advisor: initiation , family formal, Work weekend, administrational problems seem to have been waning, supporting treasurer in getting meal plan and fall housing fixed and complete. Open question regarding summer housing, active pres will further comment. House looked great after work weekend, attended family formal and house looked great. Parents were having a great time.

Account Exec: Last month spoke about issues, got majority of money but there was still a deficit. Billed for physical plant taking out trash, didn’t do it, slow to reimburse. There is still enough money in account to cover rental tables and rest of semester. Reg for meal plans open, didn’t add option 4 for double parlor. Hoping to be liberal with amounts, let figure out this week, so we can submit accurate billing. Everyone who owes is on payment plan. Active taxes are in order, due in August.

Committees: GPAS? All good.

Events: Alumni BBQ + Canoe Trip -> Pete will be in charge ( I guess)

Active Pres: Initiated 10 brothers. Looking to replace some ritual stuffs, not the best shape. Work weekend went off without a hitch, one new thing with great results, Saturday morning took brothers to volunteer 8am and got philanthropy done. Pledge project was difficult to deal with considering the shortened process.

1112: reminder to put out big brothers at pinning for guidance.

1250: any restrictions on bigs from national?

1112: nope, big up front provides better guidance. Significant larger number of famils, undergrads are important, but maybe think about easing responsibilities of alumni famils.


Incidents outside the house. Ass mem was walking back to car, and was harassed. Actives tried calling police and stop fight. Kid ran away, and actives gave reports. Meetings will continue about this and we will be kept up to date.

Some bylaws need to be updated, and fines will be billed to Omega Phi.

1112: advised to not eliminate innate bylaws, even if seem clunky.

Gave accreditation report, copied a lot from national, worked well. Owned up to problems, presented Solution, and got ahead of questions. Malcolm said great things about us (especially community service)

1112: Need to make sure the house gets filled.

Active Pres: On it , serious thing. Need to fill 50% house to avoid renovations, and keep house open this summer. If another house doesn’t fill up, maybe relocate other frats here.

1192: Alumni need the house anyway.


Active Treasurer: Everyone on payment plan. Lotsa Cash which is good. Budget helper looked at family formal, $2200 not including rentals. Food was good, but cold, Chicken saved on budget. Active quickbooks is fine, need to be cleaned up from former treasurers. BVA isn’t quite up to date, send updated one to TXAS. Will be content to start building budget next few weeks, gets lonely when he does it himself. Headcount for ball is not great, we are in big room. (currently $4k deficit). Will email alumni right now to attempt to pressure people into coming.

Active Houseman: not in attendance. Issues with fire dept in terms of inspections. Pick one to fail randomly (most recently blue room). All about the beds.

Old Business: None

New Business: None

Announcements: BB Was in town, Andre got a new job, Egebo got married, Pete will be moving.

1192: Motion to close 1112: second

Closed 9:12pm