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TXAS Regular Meeting Minutes December 2018

28 May 2019
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Alumni Meeting Minutes: 12/04/2018

Attendance: 1112, 1192 , 1199, 1250, 1315, 1394, 1397, 1396, 1398, 1408

Start : 7:51pm

1192: Motion to read previous meetings: passes

1192: Motion to accept minutes as read: passes

Pres Report: Meeting with Neilson, door will get fixed over break, met again 10 days ago and was promised updated time line. No response yet. Door is still broken. Engaged Frank about school check. Did get the check, and received suggestions on how to get it quicker in the future.


VP Report: Not in Attendance


Treasurer Report: Year-end reports for next meeting. He owes accountant money, will pay him. Might look for new accountant because prior one was too expensive. Can’t be that hard might do it himself.

1192: did we pay out treasurer’s stipend?

1250: I don’t think we ever wrote a check for PJ, did we open checking account?

1250: No will do because current account is no interest.

1315: will look into connecting checking account to investment account


Secretary Report: No report

Chapter Advisor: Stopped by a few times over the break, it was clean so kudos. The front door doesn’t lock anymore, so…Rising stars happened, will let Dan speak about in his report. NDLA is different format and looking forward to working with new EC

1394: when we weren’t here we chained the door, we felt fine when we were there.

1112: Nice, house should fix the outside door

Account Exec: Received the Check, light $10k. Due to discrepancy for people that didn’t sign up online for meal plan or chose parlor. Will bill them, and it’s not good but going forward need to check on meal plan sign ups at beginning. Next month Conor and him will bring a BVA from last year and sit down, completed signatures.

Xxxx: 12 brothers didn’t pay full meal plan.

1192: can we bill through omega5 and then add 5%?

Xxxx: yes, but let’s do it through the school preferably, confident things will work out. Trying to get check in Feb.

1250: Will discuss Stipend next meeting. Check on Theresa’s revised W2. Please pay workers comp insurance.

Committees: Fund raising:. Events: Frank event at W? Alumni Networking day? Bid night?

Active Pres: Went to risings stars and presidents academy. NDLA Feb 24th and Feb 28th.Asking for us to send 4 , they pay for all expenses ($575 total package). Thinking Matt, mem ed, mem ed for following semester, and recruit. Treasurer track wouldn’t get as much out of it, and committing to more people is expensive. Change to accreditation, currently all true men from inspection. Now all true men through accreditation every year, have to take accreditation very seriously even though we’re doing well. Must remain above 3.0 gpa we are around 3.4 . Getting inspected Feb 4th, school is aware and willing to help ( clean up crew / Mock inspection group). Had a lot of trash over winter break, community is giving us a hard time, communicated to the crew who picks up trash. received a millenio noise complaint, will give them his number so that it can be communicated. President of UCLA spoke about risk management, talked about new alcohol regulations. Speak with sororities to communicate risk concerns/solutions. Spoke about adjusting bylaws to command adherence to new alcohol regulations. New risk committee ( pres, mem ed, social chair). IFC is getting push back on the idea of Bid night. Education fund foundation money, 1112 will follow up.

1250: got dinged for ritual in past, anything we can do?

1394: can send in accreditation beforehand to get it checked before actual report, and we can see last years report. Invited rising star attendees to speak

John: Learned a lot, was more than he thought he would be. Enjoyed learning through other chapters experiences .

Matt: Positive experience, networking and connections was beneficial. Appreciates Alumni!

Yyyy: met gamma mu , and would like to do some events with them. Invited to national advisory panel.

1394: voting to be put up to the vote to be debrothered due to owe over $1,000.

1112: Clarified it’s a permanent Suspension, could use financial suspension which requires no vote.

1394: Would rather actual vote on a permanent suspension for the sociopolitical portrayal.

1250 & 1112 cautioned to be tactful

Active Treasurer: Got a house card with his name on it. Mailed check to the accountant for the house. Has over $10k imbalance (AR) from meal discrepancies. $420 when to Theresa, and rest went to Haydeli lady who cleans (almost every brother contributed in some way). Switched DirectTv to autopay (saves $10/month), and ordered another receiver for blue room.

Active Houseman: Put in staples order, work orders, and order for trash from school.

1192: hole in the basement?

1394: School is aware.

Old Business:

New Business: 1192:Motion to allocate up to $500 for Philadelphia trip for Andy. 1315: Second Motion passes.

1250: Curious about $20k taken from account, thinks it glass doors. 1192 will follow up with Nielson.

Announcements: 1238 wife is pregnant. 1204 had a kid. Mish is pregnant. Ian had a kid. 1260????

1199 motion to close: 1250 : second.

Closed 9:20pm