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TXAS Regular Meeting Minutes June 12th 2018

15 June 2018
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Alumni Meeting Minutes June 12th


Alumni Meeting Minutes: 6/12/2018

Attendance: 1112, 1192 , 1250 , 1199 , 1218, 1315, 1310

Start : 7:50pm

Motion to read minutes: read

Pres Report: Alumni bbq went well. Frank said house was clean. Open to doing event at the W. Inner door quote was sent from Neilson (Princeton glass). Scholarships got paid out.


VP Report:   BBQ Happened. Editing of the 2013 order list to make next one better. Reserved campsite for Canoe Trip. $500 was budget for BBQ , Has receipts for $922.91. $500 from Teresa includes money from Stumpy. Pete spent $300 on food and charcoal. No charcoal grill, so rolled into Canoe trip budget. $300 for campsite. Didn’t reserve canoes. BYO money for canoes.


Treasurer Report : Wrote Checks. Will open new checking account before next meeting in September.


Secretary Report: Will Email Actives to put away BBQ that’s out front. Will send reminder to Pete to reserve canoes for campsite one week in advance. Send event invite and reminder for canoe trip details.


Chapter Advisor: Doesn’t seem like there’s anything to vote for at national convention. Getting ready for convention.


Account Exec: Sent taxes in late last month. Carl exists. Attached budget submittal. Lost money last year. PJ has been doing a better job holding down expenditures. Needs to sit down and nail down the numbers more granularly and tweak the budget. House has enough cash to survive Summer. Rich and PJ understand it’s not good. Quickbooks will be more expensive, check into it.



-Scholarship =


Active Pres:

Active Treasurer: Didn’t get check yet.

Active Houseman:


Old Business:

New Business: Dean Nielson reached out, Keuffel fund was looking to redo inside door. Estimate $9,350 for repair and seal from Princeton Stained glass company. Will respond to Ken that this is fine but we need woodwork finished as well. Need more comprehensive estimate. motion to set a limit of $11k for full inner vestibule door repair. Passed. Need to take care of first deck head issues. Kitchen exhaust in kitchen doesn’t work, fume hood, Balcony Bathroom – Frank will fix.


New Ideas: Captains: each responsible to encourage the brothers they know more closely to join events and be Engaged. Form on Website to sign up for updates.


Announcements: Matt is getting married RIP.


Closed 8:54 pm