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TXAS Regular Meeting May 2018

24 May 2018
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May minutes 5.23.18

Alumni Meeting Minutes: 5/23/2018

Attendance: 1192, 1250, 1199, 1273, 1218, 1315

Start : 7:57pm

Motion to omit reading of passed minutes : passes

Pres Report: Stevens is not funding BBQ, but there is a line item in the budget so it is accounted for and funded. Booked flight for convention, will bring info next meeting. Checking with Nielson on Keuffel fund projects. Stained glass not done.


VP Report: Teresa knows about BBQ and is available, she will prepare Friday. Members need to gather food prior (potentially Thursday night , Andre will consult w/ Pete). Cleaning needs to be delegated ( Actives should do but someone will check up, confirmed by active president that actives will clean) . Canoe trip , 13th to the 15th. Pete will reserve canoe trip campsite and inventory Prior to BBQ.


Treasurer Report: Filed Taxes. Due to reporting requirements at work will relinquish the role of controller of investment account to Andre. Matt will open checking account to connect to investment account, and will research an account with low minimum, will be done by next meeting.


Secretary Report: Working on setting up a shared Google calendar. Sent email for BBQ and canoe trip with canoe trip date being wrong. Will send out Email to update BBQ and canoe as well as email actives about cleaning house prior to BBQ, set up meeting with active secretary. Need to gather a list of active executive committee and contact info. Facebook invites for events will be addressed.


Chapter Advisor: Not present due to medical. The chapter was accredited by national, but was dinged for failing to request permission to initiate and pay the fees up front last year (previous EC’s responsibility). Need to file recent 990 with national by July 1st, Brett will send.


Account Exec: School has not given us a check for Spring ’18 meal plan. Will email Frank to remedy (cc PJ and rich) . Need to file alumni taxes. Stipends? Have to pay Alex from last year, PJ this year.



-Scholarship = emailed Gilean for active scholarship awards, responded on names provided 2 graduating. Paid both top students paying out $1000 total. Gilean will send note as a reminder to prompt names of students to increase efficiency next time.


Active Pres: will clean house. Will be proactive about getting check from Stevens. Resent accreditation for community service. Will be in Staten Island during the summer but available if needed.

Active Treasurer:

Active Houseman:


Old Business: Investment tabled and passed.

New Business: New scholarship approach includes the right to have agency to increase scholarship if so inclined. Two students will be recipients , and will be the one with the highest GPA and the one with most improved GPA. At least $250. Motion to approve. Approved. Andre and Chad will sign paperwork for new investment account.


Announcements: BBQ, send out email for meeting June 6th. Bachelor party occurred.


Closed 8:51pm