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TXAS Regular Meeting October 2017

9 October 2017
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TXAS Regular Meeting

10/3/2017 7:40 PM


1112, 1192, 1198, 1218, 1361, 1363, 1368

Meetings from the previous meeting read by 1198.


TXAS President Report:

1192: Gamma chapter was presented with the Memorial Trophy, RSVPs for 11/9 even are coming in. I will provide Frank with the info for the actives to get invites to them. Regarding +1s to the event, we may be able to do so for a cost per, which I will bring up in new business.

TXAS Vice President Report:

1198 – Richie, Brett and I updated the email lists, cleaning out a lot of old lists and updating some current ones. Brett combined the Stevens and National lists with ours so we now have a more complete “all.” 1198 to investigate what happens to addresses that are undeliverable, if there is any reporting of that in Google.

TXAS Treasurer Report:

provided via email by 1250: Matt cannot attend and has no report.  Signatures are still out of date I believe.

TXAS Secretary Report:

provided via email by 1250: need to discuss +1 situation. Franks suggestion was to have them be available for $100 per person. Also email blast and invites have gone out. Will send additional email blast(s) in October for event. Also want to capture one combined mailing/contact list as part of this event.

Chapter Advisor Report:

1112: Proud to have been awarded the Memorial Trophy – well deserved by the chapter. Pinning was last week, Richie attended as an alumni representative. 8 associates currently. House has looked good, been in good shape, and has been well-operated.

TXAS Account Executive Report:

provided via email by 1250: Alex and I met last week to discuss QB.  Taxes have been sent in by Carl and forms mailed back to me.  Gave them to Alex.  Broadly discussed the budget for next year and what needs to change such as accounting for Theresa’s increase in salary etc.  Will be having budget meetings before voting on budget with Alex and actives who attend to discuss.

Active President Report:

1361: We won the Memorial Trophy, hope to keep it in the house for a few years! GPS is 3505, 2nd highest Greek org, highest fraternity. 8 associates are doing well so far. We had a philanthropy event last week, netted $400 in donations. Lots scheduled for rush, targeting 15-18 associates. Al the scholarship chair is looking to start a buddy mentoring program. It looks to be a strong semester. We are going to apply a National award that recognizes standout Greek organizations, not TX specific. Elections will be 11/19. We are doing a clothing drive next month, toy drive in December with a sorority, a trivia night at the end of the month, and Schnitzel in Nov or Dec.

Active House Manager Report:

1368: House is looking good. Talking to the school to get waste removed from behind the house which resulted from the snaking of the clogged drain. I put in a work order to do a preventative snaking of the whole house. School is coming to inspect the washing machine. Ice machine order is in progress with Stevens. PJ to CC Andrea & Andy on an email to speed that process up. Currently have been listing work weekend project ideas.

Active Treasurer Report:

1363: Echoing Brett’s report, plan to meet more frequently. We are considering reinstating a Budget committee to be stricter with spending. We are on pace to be under budget for the semester.


Canoe Trip (1218) – Went well collected fees from Alumni but it does not cover the reservation fees for the camp ground. Will bring that up in new business next meeting.

Old Business:


New Business:

1192: 11/9 event discussion.
Mailings went out to alumni snail mail, active snail mails will go to the house. Group agreed to follow up by drafting an email followup to the large alumni list with additional details about the event, where we will clarify the +1 situation. By then, Dre will have reached out to Frank to get his plans for agenda for the night.



Motion to close by 1192, 1218 seconded.

Meeting closed at 8:41PM.