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TXAS Regular Meeting October 2015

12 November 2015
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TXAS Regular Meeting

10/10/2015 7:44 PM


1192, 1112, 1245, 1273, 1274, 1302, 1310, 1316, 1323, 1334

Meetings from the previous meeting read by 1245.


TXAS President Report:

1192: Pinning ceremony occurred and gained 4 pledges. Ken Nilsen contacted 1192 and 1112 to discuss working relationships between TX and Stevens. Woodward scholarship issue – check has not been cashed, possibly lost according to 1210. Talks undergoing with 1210 to hand out donated scholarships. National rep is visiting October 25th -28th.

TXAS Vice President Report:

1192 for 1198: Website – more content necessary. Need to see new calendar and more active content. See e-mail sent before meeting.

1334 – House has articles written for past events, access to website was temporary and has now expired. Content is generated and awaiting upload to site. Google calendar to be made public.

TXAS Treasurer Report:

1302: TXAS to reinvest assets. Spoke to Robin at USB. Planning on hold at the moment. 1245 needs reimbursement check. Frank Semcer wants update on scholarship and asset money count. Taxes are sent. Active accounts are settled. Actives sent 4K check to alumni to settle books. Capital improvement fund is at 9K for active chapter.

TXAS Secretary Report:

1245: PO Box account problem settled. Renewed for an entire year and automatic renewal setup activated.

Chapter Advisor Report:

1112: Active EC doing a good job of managing risk at events. Programs in the works: Goals for semester – EC is actively managing the deliverables for the committee heads – Props to 1334. No real issues to report. Attended pledge night, no incidents. Meeting with the National Rep while in town. DLAs are here this year – scheduled for February 20th. DLAs request alumni participation and its Gamma’s founding anniversary. Bills went to Omega F; invoices have been returned to roster.

TXAS Account Executive Report:

1192 for 1250: No report.

Active President Report:

1316: Work on the fume hood started today (New installation). Doctor B – National Leadership Development Head will be coming to the chapter – 11/7, 11/8. Active chapter has money to pay for it – $600. Brothers getting certifications for CPR for risk management. One brother needs one more class to teach brothers and certify them personally. Contact for Student Affairs at Monmouth to speak to active chapter about risk management safety – proactive to represent to the school. Schnitzel is this Saturday.  

Goals for the chapter: Raising chapter GPA, increased involvement and event on campus at least once a year. Already above the all Greek GPA. Elections are first week of December. Involvement on campus – Kenny will be “club guru” (new committee head) for more information to give to active brothers about existing school clubs. Active event on campus aiming for next semester; three proposals for events next semester.

1302: Incentivize execution over planning; Paying for Doctor B – TXAS has education budget for such things. Pocket Door project to be set for before Thanksgiving.

1192: Omega Fi – Any issues in payments? 1316: The due dates are up to the active’s discretion. Issue was talked at length at President’s Academy.

*Send EC meeting minutes to alumni. Famils end the 10/21.

Active House Manager Report:

1316 representative (later 1338): Cups and chairs a priority.

1112: Status update on pocket doors. Send to actives once received. Monday was deadline for appointments with contractors.

Active Treasurer Report:

1316 representative: Budget written with Brandon. Will be tabled and ratified next semester.

1112: Structure fees to put more things through the school. 1316: Adjustments were made to limit Omega Fi payment and up through the school payment.

Old Business:


New Business:

Motion to give the active chapter half the total to bring Doctor B to the chapter out of the AA’s education budget. Passed by handvote 5-0.


Alumni Club: October 22 at Reichenbach Hall at 7

Stevens Greeks Accreditation Program through school. Nothing is currently structured; run through the school. Policy is being implemented coming from Thia and Ryan.

1250 now married; 1238 soon to be married

Schnitzel, 5 o’clock Saturday.

Motion to close by 1245, 1302 seconded.

Meeting closed at 8:45PM.