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TXAS Regular Meeting November 2015

6 December 2015
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TXAS Regular Meeting

11/11/2015 7:39 PM


1112, 1192, 1198, 1218, 1245, 1310, 1334, 1338,
Motion to accept minutes as read by 1112, 1250 seconded.


TXAS President Report:

1192: Schnitzel went well. Scholarship Awards to be assigned by next meeting. No word from Ken on meeting to discuss working relationships.
1112: Informal communication (quick e-mails) to let larger AA membership know what’s going on. 9/9 on Accreditation needs to be mentioned.

TXAS Vice President Report:

1198: Website doing well. Actives keep up the good work, keep sending suggestions.

TXAS Treasurer Report:

As read by 1192: Financials given to TXAS. Current House Improvement budget is $12,215. $45K for Kueffel House Fund and Scholarship Fund is $5k. See email from 1302 for specifics.

TXAS Secretary Report:

1245: PO Box fixed. Send link for more recent articles for alumni. Active input on which articles to send to alumni blast email. Send EC emails concerning meetings.

Chapter Advisor Report:

1112: No angry phone calls. Met with national representative, report back to national should be positive. Retreat was last weekend – Feedback is very positive. Need to check if accounting is up-to-date for retreat. Planning for Rising Stars in the works.  Incidents with Fire Alarms – Combustibles not allowed in any sense in the house – EC handled situation well and has TXAS support.

TXAS Account Executive Report:

1250: Met with Brandon and active budget was tabled. Brandon was going to start doing reconciliations to happen during Work Weekend. Idle state for reconciliations to occur monthly. Actives books look fine. Taxes will be done early.

Active President Report:

1334 on behalf 1316: Two registered events since October meeting – no problems. National rep was here. Have meeting with National concerning Chapter Builder (input profiles for potential new members). Retreat with Dr. B happened with 24 brothers and in attendance with associates. Family Formal is this weekend. Tabled new bylaws regarding updates in accordance with National By-Laws including Alumni Assessment Fund. All committees updating new website with articles. Work Weekend is the weekend of the 20th. Ball planning happening soon – Events to raise funds for Ball like event at 16 Handles.

Elections are 12/1. Rising Stars coming up in St. Louis. Stevens Accreditation Program to be a trial based on next semester – should have no problem. Two TX actives nominated for IFC Executive Board. Woodward Scholarship still awaiting – check has not been cashed (1245 to follow-up with 1210). Request National for a new check. Peer Mentors/Orientation Leaders to be promoted in house.  Community service at MADD Walk, Habit for Humanity, Soup Kitchen, Bacon, Egg and Cheese Event to MS. MS Walk is in the Spring. Talks with Phi Sigma Sigma for Powerpuff Football.

Omega Fi Issue: Financially delinquent according to National. Brandon responded to Amy Collins at National. Reached out to Omega Fi to cut check to National. E-mail from Executive Director for Financial Delinquency. Issue was resolved through Ian at National.

One on One with Thea for semester goals. She wants us to apply for the National Greek Leadership Awards for Chapter Development and Recruitment. – Applications due by end of December. EC Officer Transition meeting scheduled for 12/5 at 10:30.  

Active House Manager Report:

1338: Quote for Pocket Doors = $2,970 for all four doors (8 Hours Each). Additional alternatives given by contractor.

Fume Hood installed by the school has problems. Carbon Monoxide Detector / Fire Alarm System Repairs by school.  Work order put in for traps at points of entry on the window screens.

Active Treasurer Report:

1334 on behalf 1319: Receipts for 1302. Reconciliation to be worked on Work Weekend – see Account Executive Report.


Scholarship: Get candidates submitted to Stevens for next TXAS Meeting. Andrew Falcone (1326) to send nominees for next meeting.

BMC: Pocket Doors covered in Active House Manager Report. Re-surfacing of wooden floors are necessary – only two years after last repair.

Events: Schnitzel went well. Potential Golf Outing next semester (tremendous interest among actives). Ball is already being planned. Christmas Party is 12/5. Winter Break Events possible for New Years, etc..

Old Business:


New Business:

Pocket Doors: Suggested budget by 1316 up to 5K. Submission to school required for reimbursement for using Keuffel Fund. Funds will be from the Alumni Assessment Fund to be reimbursed by Keuffel Fund over time. Active House Manager or Active President to supervise status of pocket doors over Thanksgiving or Christmas Break.

  • Motion by handvote 7-0 for allocation of up to 5K for pocket door repairs.

Memorandum of Understanding: Document written and presented to Dean Nilsen and company – goal of which is to define expectations from the school to Theta Xi Fraternity. Written by Brother Konwiser (Gamma 1151). Latest edition was sent to Nilsen and not signed. In summary, document to establish a housing agreement between school and fraternity. Document meant for school to acknowledge that TX has worked with school for many years.  Both EC’s to review the Memorandum and define a means of delivery to school and to school representative. Relationship in regarding the status of the Keuffel House under Stevens Residence Life.

  • Meeting with Ken, Thea, Residence Life and TXAS/Active representation
  • Next steps: Recirculate Memorandum and Meeting Notice for the school to talk through issues.

Communications need to be ramped up to alumni. Announcement for Website to be run through Richie LoGatto (Gamma 1334)

Gammut: Articles to be replenished for mailing. 1245 to solicit 1210 for updated mailing list. Actives to use mailing list for Alumni Holiday Cards. 1245 to send updated mailing list to active EC.


1149, 1238 now married,

1197 Homebrewed Beer got selected for Noble Brewers for distribution.

1310 Job offer with Johnson and Johnson

Motion to close by 1198, 1245 seconded.

Meeting closed at 9:24 PM.