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TXAS Regular Meeting 4/29/2015

20 April 2015
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TXAS Regular Meeting

4/29/2015 7:53 PM


1245, 1192 1198, 1250, 1273, 1274, 1302, 1316, 1328, 1338

Motion to accept minutes as read by 1198, 1273 seconded.


TXAS President Report:

1192: I’m working on meeting with Tony Blazini for future repair projects for the house, work pending the end of June. Responsibility for BMC projects passed from Ken to Tony. Hope to provide update for Memorandum of Understanding from 1151 & update from Stevens on status of 805 CPT lease.

TX Ball is this weekend (5/1).

Alumni storytime went well on 4/8. Alumni weekend is scheduled for June 5th – 7th.

TXAS Vice President Report:

1198: Website: Email sent for Google Doc for action items on the website to TXAS only. Feedback is low from the past month. Plan on attending EC transmission meeting (date TBD). Consistent updates to come from this document.

TXAS Treasurer Report:

1302: Forms to transfer UBS signature are still pending. Taxes are all filed.

TXAS Secretary Report:

1245: Updated Alumni EC list to new website. Inquire to change the forwarded e-mails with 1199.

Chapter Advisor Report:

Not present. No report submitted.

TXAS Account Executive Report:

1250: New officers to appear on checks by end of semester. Books almost reconciled with Brandon. Limit card use in future with only one new card. House active taxes extended until 7/15. House is still in decent shape.

Active President Report:

1316: Work weekend/Initiation took place. 5 of 13 brothers have attained voting rights already. New EC elections occurred. Sorry for lack of involvement with website to date – will strive for better effort in months to come. Turnout on ball is 96 people projected turnout.  EC transfer meeting next Monday (9PM).  Waiting Room Ceiling in need of upgrade. Balcony room ceiling is top priority.

1192: Woodward scholarship to be handed out at Ball.

Active House Manager Report:

1316: New couch cushions delivered today.

Active Treasurer Report:

1250: Waiting on Fall 2014 stipend. See account executive record for house reconciliation


Events: Ball this weekend.

Date TBD on Canoe Trip.

Alumni BBQ: 1192, 1302 to help preparations. 1245 to discuss with 1199 what was done last year for mailing.

BMC: meeting before Blazini meeting mentioned above to coordinate with 1112.

Fundraising to be transitioned away from 1192

Open Responsibility to digitize historical documents in Scholarship closet.

Old Business:

Budgets still tabeled. 1302 to contact 1216 about tabled budgets.

New Business:

No new business


Happy Founder’s Day!

TX Ball – 5/1

Leadership Academies for next January, 1302 invited to planning process.

Motion to close by 1198, 1302 seconded.

Meeting closed at 8:44PM.