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TXAS Regular Meeting May 2015

28 May 2015
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TXAS Regular Meeting

5/27/2015 7:51 PM


1245, 1112, 1192, 1199, 1216, 1218, 1250, 1273, 1302

Motion to accept minutes as read by 1218, 1112 seconded.


TXAS President Report:

1192: Ball went well. Alumni BBQ on the 6th of June. Still waiting to hear about final date on the canoe trip. 1302 – All 3rd years are younger are not interested into the Canoe Trip. 1112 – House does a retreat already with a full house. Should give actives free reign to plan a “modern” canoe trip. If enough alumni interest, alumni should just plan themselves and invite actives for this year. Canoe trip potential dates are last week of June and second weekend in July.

TXAS Vice President Report:

1245 on behalf of 1198: EC Transition email. Refer to that for his report.

TXAS Treasurer Report:

1302: Budget from 1216. Was tabled from annual meeting. Actives still owe Alumni chapter 4G; never got paid for 2014 – will work with Brandon. 1192 – By the next meeting, tabulate total amount owed from actives.

Alumni Day BBQ – Will front the money and expense once signatures are switched over.

TXAS Secretary Report:

1245: Facebook event to be created for alumni BBQ.

Chapter Advisor Report:

1112: Initiated and graduated a bunch of people. Installed new officers. First year of the first year of active president and treasurer. Active chapter are in line with 1198 report; Part of the Memorial Trophy award and submitted reports to national for chapter advisor – chapter does excellent job of risk management and is strongest attributes. School administration is aligned on this with national. Few houses that has a full social program. No differentiation in the Theta Xi funding on the Stevens website for the Keuffel house and scholarship funds.

TXAS Account Executive Report:

1250: Changing the names on the PNC account to happen soon because Brett saw a Jewish dentist. Work with Brandon for the reconciliation. PNC connected to Quikbooks. Balances are good on accounts. Hope to cancel and open one card for the house soon.

Active President Report:

1302 on behalf of 1316: Charles will be in the house for the summer. Review Andy’s report. Actives need to get going on the website material.

Active House Manager Report:

1302 on behalf 1319: Brandon is living in the house. First deck head is the major priority for the summer. House has 15 people living in it for the summer at the moment.

Active Treasurer Report:

1302 on behalf of 1319: See treasurer report.


BMC (1112): Meeting with Blazini needs to happen to review prioritized list. First deck head remains priority. 1192 has list from actives to notify the school. Open ticket item for sink in first deck head for faulty valves. Floors still remain a problem and need to remain on BMC’s list.

Events: Alumni BBQ Food and Beverage planning. 1302 to use receipts from last year for inventory. Banner should be in the scholarship closet from Frank Semcer.

Old Business:

Tabeled Budget: 1302 motioned to take off table 1273. Motion to except as proposed by 1250, 1216. Hand vote unanimous.

New Business:

Canoe Trip – Pay through actives for this year since it’s in their budget. Future planning to remain with TXAS. Format to remain the same for location and cost. 1112 to plan for 2nd weekend. 1302 to make sure actives didn’t plan a deposit.


1301 got married. 1226 has a kid on the way. 1216’s kid is 2 weeks away.  1151 kid was born.

Schaffer event for regional chapters .

Alumni BBQ – June 6th.

Possible pong day at the house in the summer. Actives to plan now that they don’t have to plan Canoe Trip.

Next meeting is June 10th, 2015

Motion to close by 1302, seconded 1199.

Meeting closed at 9:01PM.